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The people of the Sundarban are faced with a numerous challenging issues. Some of the issues on which JAYNAGAR KANSARIPARA MAA SITALA SEVA SAMITY is working from 2005 are mentioned bellow:


Education to the poor children of under privileged is a primary focus of JAYNAGAR KANSARIPARA MAA SITALA SEVA SAMITY. At present a primary school named Vivekananda Shikshamandir of 120 students are supported by JKMSSS. This programme is run by our local fund. Since 2005. Initially it was started with 25 children of economically backward. Till date the under privileged families are getting benefit from the programme for their Children.


India is looking forward to becoming a Developed Country by 2020. Its aim of being a developed nation would necessarily encompass its Health Sector as well. In West Bengal, one of the populous states of India, the state of public healthcare is deplorable. If India were to become a developed nation, it must aim for the health infrastructure as in other developed nations.
Limited awareness about appropriate health and nutrition practices, poor diets, lack of access to appropriate health facilities, inadequate communication and transport systems – these are only some of the harsh realities that people face on a daily basis. Maternal and child morbidities and mortalities are high. Floods and cyclones create more health hazards.
JAYNAGAR KANSARIPARA MAA SITALA SEVA SAMITY’s health and nutrition initiatives are aimed at reducing maternal and child morbidities and mortalities as well as improving general health amongst families. There is an emphasis on enabling deprived rural and urban communities to increase their awareness of health and nutrition issues, promote positive practices and access mandated schemes and services. JKMSSS has a strong curative health component where it provides specific services. In addition to this, JKPMSSS is involved in implementing various schemes in partnership with the state health and family welfare department under the National Rural Health Mission.


JAYNAGAR KANSARIPARA MAA SITALA SEVA SAMITY every year blood donation drive are conducted as part of an effort to conscious mass regarding its importance in emergency situation.

The main objectives of blood donation programme of JAYNAGAR KANSARIPARA MAA SITALA SEVA SAMITY are:

  • To promote and encourage voluntary blood donation by the citizen and to instill public consciousness of the principle that blood donation is a humanitarian act;
  • To provide adequate, safe, affordable and equitable distribution of supply of blood and blood products to the blood bank;
  • To mobilize all sectors of the community to participate in mechanisms for voluntary and non-profit collection of blood;

Every year JAYNAGAR KANSARIPARA MAA SITALA SEVA SAMITY celebrates World Blood Donor Day on 4th of June. We are proud that our effort has the support of all major stakeholders in conducting blood donation camp. Through the purpose of celebrating World Blood Donor Day is not only for donating blood but for to pay tribute to all those blood donors who have given blood voluntarily on a regular basis every year.


JAYNAGAR KANSARIPARA MAA SITALA SEVA SAMITY in collaboration with sports and youth services, Ministry of Human Resource Development to play a vital role for popularizing sports among the rural masses by organizing tournaments at block level, identifying talents in different disciplines. The emphasis in the sports programme is on games and sports which do not involve costly and sophisticated equipments, but which provide scope for participation by large number of rural youths. Games like volley-ball, Athletic etc. can be organized. The block/panchayat level tournament can be organized on league or knock-out basis.


As per our experience and observation regarding our voluntary social service it we perceived that people trust and faith can be gained through locally created communicable atmosphere. JAYNAGAR KANSARIPARA MAA SITALA SEVA SAMITY have only touched the heart of the mass with its own way of conduction functions and making celebration of national holidays such as Independence Day, Republic Day, Netaji Birthday and etc. We have seen that people comes in large number just not see the functions and celebrate but to participate in the programme and help us to distribute the rich values which all of us gather in every functions and celebrations.


One of the characteristic statements used to describe the people of the Sundarban is that 85% of the people depend on agriculture. The proportion of the population without work in 1991 was 70% with only 3% in part-time or marginal employment and 27% in main employment categories. Of the main employment, only 10% are employed in agriculture as cultivators and another 10% as laborers.

To obtain employment, local people migrate to access employment opportunities within the Sundarban or in Kolkata. Gender difference in workforce participation is high. Employment data indicates a structural under-employment issue. Given the existing structural nature of under-employment, this remains one of the critical developmental issues and a potential serious threat to future ecosystem integrity. JAYNAGAR KANSARIPARA MAA SITALA SEVA SAMITY planed to provide employment to educated youth through our own consultancy.

For children, often it is their labor that is most valuable in the household. As the grow up, the opportunity for employment increases and schooling stops. Children without employment opportunities engage in opportunistic behavior such as PL shrimp collection. There are significant reports of child abuse and child trafficking within and out of Sundarban.


The Sundarban Biosphere Reserve which is home to hundreds of species of animals, birds & plants, is also located in this District. Owing to its unique geographical location the entire ‘Sundarban Biosphere Reserve’ and especially the 13 thickly populated riverine blocks of the District are under constant threat of powerful nor’westers, bay cyclones, tidal surges and constant change of courses by the numerous distributaries in the active part of the delta.

Being a part of the active delta of the Ganga, South 24-Parganas is basically a district of islands interspersed by many streams and a maze of innumerable distributaries and fearfully wide tidal creeks. Sadly, to most of these islanders’ wide roads, safe water transport, safe jetties or bridges, electricity or telephones are till date – distant dreams. They do not have many strong and high buildings that can be used as shelters during large scale disasters and they hardly have any large vessel to help large scale evacuation. JAYNAGAR KANSARIPARA MAA SITALA SEVA SAMITY participated in the AILA Relief & Rehabilitation programme on May, 2009 by providing food, water and cloths to the helpless and poor.


It’s a very big issue not only among the poor or uneducated people but also among the educated people. Now a days educated self-centered people who should have had to come forward to eradicate the problems of the society; they have been conservative and behaving like ostrich. Civil societies have come forward and raising issues like Lokpal. Now time has come to protest on the road against the public servant who is corrupted. JAYNAGAR KANSARIPARA MAA SITALA SEVA SAMITY has come forward and working on right base approach with the help of educated people in South 24 Parganas.

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